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Player Name: Doggie
Character Name: Okita Souji (沖田 総司)
Canon: Hakuouki (Otome game series).

Canon Background:
- Okita Souji (Hakuouki anime)
- About Video Game
- WIKI: The Real Okita Souji & Shinshenguminomakoto: OKITA article.

AU Background: Mostly unchanged from canon.

Based on his historical figure, Okita Souji Fujiwara no Kaneyoshi was born in an aristocrat family of warriors in Sawa Kingdom. His parents died when he was very young and he was raised by his older sister Mitsu up until she was married. Souji would afterward be raised in the Shieikan Dojo by the Kondo Family, where he would start off doing servant labor such as laundry, running errands, and pulling weeds. Despite being young and fragile, and constantly bullied by the dojo seniors, Souji trained himself to become stronger for the one man he looked up to like a brother -- Kondo Isami. He was said to have a natural ability with a sword and would quickly become a prodigy in the rough Tennen Rishin-ryu, plus an instructor of Shieikan.

Years later, Shieikan was running out of funds and very few people in Sawa were requesting martial arts lessons (or rather, they shunned them). Kondo Isami made plans on meeting with Kiyokawa Hachiro, an Imperial commander in Poennon who was hiring men to guard a Sawa politician, who on behalf of the Empire was traveling to Tsuwano Province to ensure the diplomatic stability of Zeon. The guard group was called the Roshigumi or the "lordless samurai corps". While Shieikan member Hijikata Toshizo suggested that Souji stayed in Sawa, since he was sick with measels a half a year before, Souji begged Kondo to allow him to go.

Shortly after arriving in Sweetwater, Kiyokawa, along with over two-hundred men, abandoned the Sawa diplomat in Tsuwano. Kiyokawa's true intentions were to use Roshigumi as an instrument of milataristic force against criminal threats and untrustworhy factions to the Empire. He didn't trust Zeon and he joined King Bradley's Right Hand in Amestris. However, thirteen Roshi members, which included Kondo Isami and his Shieikan students, stuck with the original mission and stayed in Sweetwater until the diplomat's departure. Afterwards the new leader of Zeon, Char Aznable, acknowledged this and requested if the Roshi could be used as an effective ground force for the city of Rishi-ri. They were stationed in a suburb called Mibu and three commanders were appointed.

Okita's first days in Roshigumi surrounded the high tension between the Shieikan faction led by Kondo, and the Mito Faction led by Serizawa Kamo. He wanted to kill Serizawa for insulting Kondo at one point; overall, Serizawa wasn't very liked for his abrasive behavior, which plagued the Roshigumi with infamy and the nickname "The Wolves of Mibu". Serizawa was also known to been provocative (and clever). He told Souji that Roshi member Tonouchi Yoshio had contempt for Kondo and convinced Souji to kill him. It would be his first kill and he felt elated that he got to kill Kondo's enemy.

"There are more things more fearsome than killing, like not being needed by anyone."

A day after a martial arts demonstration, the Roshigumi spoke with a visiting Zeon official who claimed that he had a solution for the Roshigumi's lack of manpower. The solution turned out to have been rampaging in a house nearby in Mibu, an "immortal soldier" called a Rasetsu. Okita managed to kill it by striking its heart and Hijikata ordered for the incident to be kept a secret. Research would be conducted on the medicine called Ochimizu, which transformed a person into a Rasetsu (see "artifact").

Another incident involving some atheletes who humiliated the Roshigumi had caused Okita to be scolded by Kondo. Because the athletes tried to attack, Okita nearly killed them out of "justified self-defense", disregarding the fact that they were commoners. Feeling like a burden, Okita wanted to commit suicide but Hijikata, Kondo, and Sannan (AKA: Yamanami Keisuke) talked him out of it.

In Rishiri, crime activity increased from former war veterans, pirates, anti-Empire forces, and closet Zeon loyalists, which gave the MibuGumi plenty of exposure. Their skill are further noticed and Zeon exclusively sponsored the Roshi. The Roshigumi changed their name to Shinsengumi (new elected corps), a police force that protects the city. Okita became the captain of the Shinsengumi's first squad and would also serve as a sword instructor. He would also take part in the assassination of Serizawa.

Personality: Young and gifted, a tactless jester, a dedicated sword, an integral part of the Shinsengumi. Okita Souji is virtually always smiling. It has been said that he even died with a smile. He is a cheerful person through and through, always joking around even in the most intense moments.

Many would see him as a child, having not only a lithe figure and a young face, but also a carefree and malicious side. Sometimes, his jokes can cross into some uneasy territory. Okita takes death lightly, having once wanted to commit seppuku for making a mistake, but more notably, he would casually speak of killing someone at the drop of a hat. That may be out of a joke or not, as it is difficult to tell with his constant smiling. He would often tell the main character Chizuru that he would kill her, but seemingly wants to protect her.

Okita's pride stands in being useful to the Shinsengumi, the group led by Kondou, the man he deeply respects and follows since they both hold undying loyalty and kindness for each other. Thus, Okita is highly dedicated to the Shinsengumi's success and form, and says that "he is a sword for killing people". Even when suggested by a doctor to leave the Shinsengumi because of his tuberculosis, he refused. Maybe he is a perfectionist? He is a prodigy in the Tennen Rishin-ryu after all, and is the most feared instructor of both the Shieikan dojo and the Shinsengumi because he exhibits a strict and rough nature. He lacks compassion towards weakness as well.

Souji had an insecure childhood; he thought that he was abandoned by his sister and was treated pitifully by the dojo seniors. He harbored spiteful and pessimistic thoughts (maybe that's what led to the "I like to say kill" thing?), even towards Kondou, until he won his first dojo match. Kondou praised Okita, one thing no one else in the dojo did, and helped him realize that he had to grow up to accomplish things. With all of this mentioned, do not insult or harm Kondou in anyway. That is enough to trigger extreme anger in Okita and he will not permit such actions. When Kondou was executed, he was deeply upset with Hijikata. In fact, Okita is a little jealous of Hijikata because he also delights Kondou.

Combat Style: Looks are deceivable. Okita may be a young man, but he is a peerless swordsman in the Tennen Rishin Style. Or rather, he is very vicious, and he'll attack and kill with a smile. His taito, a set of a wakizashi and katana, is called Kaga Kiyomitsu. His signature attack is the Sandanzuki (三段突き; three part thrust), which he strikes the enemy's neck then both shoulders. Okita wears light clothes to take advantage of agility. The regal presence of his "Koyo Chinbutai" uniform (photo above) is to signify Zeon's supposed alliance to the Empire, but only wears it when on a large-scale war campaign rather than scouting.

Kingdom or Faction: Shinsengumi, Zeon Faction (Seaside Rift)

Primary Role: Commander (Unit Leader). He'll serve like a Major, commanding two units for game convenience.

Soldier or Siege Company: ALL members of the Shensengumi (including captains like Souji) are well known for wearing a distinct blue haori with a white pyramid trim on the sleeves. They also wear headbands (PHOTO).

Tarot Cards:
Past - The Fool
Present - Strength
Future - Death

Title: N/A

Artifacts: Ochimizu - Also called "elixer". It's a medicine that turns the drinker into a rasetsu. Appearance is transfigured into a white-haired red-eyed demon man that often lose all sense of humanity and feeds on others. Rasetsu has superhuman physical and healing ability, but their lifespan decreases. Silver and anti-oni weapons, and attacking the vitals are effective against the rasetsu. As a secret order by Zeon, a doctor from a demon clan is pushed for the development of ochimizu for the Shinsengumi to use. It'll be called Water of Life in upcoming English version.

Setting Considerations:
- There are demon clans in Hakuouki. They look like men until they transform, like Kazama for example. Then, they look like Rasetsu and have full control of their abilities.

- Ochimizu is an experimental medicine from Rift demon DNA.

- I'd like for Okita to acquire the Ochimizu later. In canon, Nagumo gave it to him as a tempt to cure his tuberculosis (which doesn't). He uses it to kill some guys he assumed shot Kondou.

- Okita is known for having tuberculosis and will get sick later. Not too soon, but later.

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Person notes

Date: 2011-11-30 06:49 pm (UTC)
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There's some stuff that I've forgotten:
- Likes to taunt Hijikata about his poetry
- Likes to play with children (play hide-in-seek?)
- Not into politics.

Re: Person notes

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Also, he is imitating Kondou's hairstyle.


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