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2022-12-12 10:09 pm

Memory Log (Upd: August 10, 2012)

A List of Okita's appearances in different communities cause my memory stinks. Used to assist me for activity checks too:

- [community profile] imperial_saga
[ Souji Threads ]

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VIDEO (P: Edge)

[ LOGS / I.Scripts ]

* Reenacting the Ikedaya Incident + Shinsengumi Recruit
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2012-04-26 09:08 pm
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Memory Log ARCHIVE (upd: August 10, 2012)

A List of Okita's appearances in different communities that are not current. After using them in AC, I list them here.

Imperial Saga: History as a list )
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2012-02-07 11:46 am
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Since, trying to work on a game ad:

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2012-01-18 12:55 am
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Doing this out of boredom. Might come in handy in the future.

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2012-01-18 12:49 am

Shinsengumi: IRL vs [community profile] imperial_saga AU

N/A at the moment

During the 19th century there was a movement called Sonnoi Joi.

[community profile] imperial_saga
Sum: The forces were originally from Sawa.
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2011-12-08 09:28 pm

History Geekin' Files: Shinsengumi Unit Leaders

Leader / Group Leader
Kumicho / Kumigashira

一番隊組長 沖田総司 (1st Unit Leader: Okita Souji)
二番隊組長 永倉新八 (2nd Unit Leader: Nagakura Shinpachi)
三番隊組長 斎藤一 (3rd Unit Leader: Hajime Saito)
四番隊組長 松原忠司 (4th Unit Leader: Matsubara Chuji)
五番隊組長 武田観柳斎 (5th Unit Leader: Takeda Kanryusai)
六番隊組長 井上源三郎 (6th Unit Leader: Inoue Genzaburō)
七番隊組長 谷三十郎 (7th Unit Leader: Tani Sanjuurou)
八番隊組長 藤堂平助 (8th Unit Leader: Todo Heisuke)
九番隊組長 鈴木三樹三郎 (9th Unit Leader: Suzuki Mikisaburou)
十番隊組長 原田左之助 (10th Unit Leader: Harada Sanosuke)
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2011-11-26 11:11 pm


This profile is for [ profile] imperial_saga
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